Animal evolution : interrelationships of the living phyla


Animal evolution : interrelationships of the living phyla

Claus Nielsen

Oxford University Press, 2001

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Animal Evolution is a complete analysis of the evolutionary interrelationships and myriad diversity of the animal kingdom. Using modern phylogenetic reasoning based on characters from an extensive review of morphology, including ultrastructure, and embryology, each phylum is analysed to ascertain its monophyly and hence its ancestral characters. These ancestral characters are then used to construct a complete phylogenetic tree of the extant animal phyla. This new edition of Animal Evolution brings the subject fully up to date including some new ideas and emphases, as well as new bibliographic data. It also includes new chapters on the use of computer programmes and on the use of the new molecular techniques to create phylogenies, both techniques that have grown in prevalence in the field since the first edition was published. Illustrated throughout with finely detailed line drawings and clear diagrams. From reviews of the first edition of Animal Evolution: 'A clear and engaging style exemplified by a series of superbly concise descriptions of the phyla...These are complemented by excellent illustrations...The volume belongs on every biologist's bookshelf.' Simon Conway- Morris, Nature 'Texts like these constitute the very cream of taxonomic literature...It really is a joy to read...and in my opinion it constitutes a highly recommended book for all zoologists. I think it is also particularly suited for seminars on animal classification for both undergraduate and graduate students.' JC von Vaupel Klein, Crustaceana 'I highly recommend this book as a fascinating theory of animal relationships, and an excellent summary of the phylogenetically informative aspects of the biology of the whole animal kingdom.' Maximilian J Telford, Systematic Entomology.


  • Kingdom Animalia
  • early animal radiation
  • prelude: phylum choanoflagellata
  • phylum porifera
  • phylum placozoa
  • eumetazoa
  • phylum cnidaria
  • tripoblastica
  • phylum ctenophora
  • phylum bilateria
  • protostoma
  • spiralia
  • schizocoelia
  • phylum sipuncula
  • articulata
  • phylum mollusca
  • euarticulata
  • phylum annelida
  • panarthropoda
  • phylum onychophora
  • phylum arthropoda
  • phylum tardigrada
  • bryozoa
  • phylum entoprocta
  • phylum ectoprocta
  • parenchymia
  • phylum platyhelminthes
  • phylum nemertini
  • gnath ifera
  • phylum rotifera
  • phylum gnathostomulida
  • phylum chaetognatha
  • cycloneuralia
  • phylum gastrotricha
  • introverta. (Part contents)

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