Continuous signals and systems with MATLAB



Continuous signals and systems with MATLAB

Taan S. Elali, Mohammad A. Karim

(Electrical engineering textbook series, [1])

CRC Press, c2001

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The study of continuous linear systems is of considerable importance in engineering applications, yet until recently, the study of these systems in undergraduate courses was typically combined with the study of discrete systems. Many engineering programs now reflect the practical value of treating these subjects in separate courses. Until now, however, all of the available texts have treated both subjects in one book, which means each could receive only limited coverage. Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLABO is the first undergraduate text fully focused on continuous systems. It presents all of the material needed to master the subject and its related MATLAB problem-solving techniques. The authors cover all of the traditional topics and include chapters on system design, state-space techniques, linearizing nonlinear systems, and the design and analysis of analog filters. They also discuss the five representations of continuous systems and explain how to go from one representation to another. With an easy-to-follow mathematical development, this text provides broad but detailed coverage and uses analytical methods along with MATLAB to solve problems from a variety of engineering disciplines. Numerous examples within the chapters illustrate each concept as it is covered, and end-of-chapter examples are presented from many engineering disciplines. By focusing on only one component of linear systems, Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB covers the subject in depth to provide the background and tools necessary to tackle real-life problems.


Signal Representation Continuous Systems Fourier Series Fourier Transform and Linear Systems Laplace Transform and Linear Systems State-Space and Linear Systems Modeling and Representation of Linear Systems Introduction to the Design of Systems Linearization of Nonlinear Systems

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