Ethics and organizations : understanding business ethics as a learning process


    • Lozano, Josep M.


Ethics and organizations : understanding business ethics as a learning process

by Josep M. Lozano

(Issues in business ethics, v. 15)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [169]-189) and index



This book is a study of the core issues in the field of business ethics from both an historical and a systematic standpoint. It analyzes corporate social responsibility, stakeholders, ethical codes, corporate cultures, and other issues. But the analysis takes place within a framework specially designed by the author in order to integrate the various dimensions of present-day business ethics. This integration is linked to an interpretation of business ethics as an organizational learning process in the context of the social and cultural changes caused by the emergence of a knowledge society. This approach makes it possible to adopt a focus and language, which can simultaneously take into account ethical concerns and corporate and organizational development. A previous version of the book (written in Catalan) was awarded the 1998 Joan Sarda Dexeus prize for best book on corporate economics by the Catalan Association of Economists.


0. Introduction: like oil and water? 1. Business ethics as applied ethics. 2. Business ethics: an on-going process. 3. BE's self-awareness: unresolved tension and call for integration. 4. An illustrative debate: corporate social responsibility. 5. Stakeholders: who are they and what are their interests? 6. Corporate codes: constructing criteria and goals? 7. Corporate cultures: managing values? 8. Integrating ethics in organizations. 9. Humanization (also) as a process of organizational learning. 10. The learning organization as the matrix of business ethics. 11. References. 12. Index.

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