The Blackwell companion to medical sociology


The Blackwell companion to medical sociology

edited by William C. Cockerham

(Blackwell companions to sociology)

Blackwell Publishers, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"The Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology" is a comprehensive collection of 26 original essays by leading medical sociologists from all over the world. The articles are organized both topically and by region to provide thorough coverage of the concerns, issues, and future directions of the discipline. Editor William C. Cockerham contributes a fine introductory chapter that analyzes the field and then organizes the book in two parts. Part One covers the substantive areas of medical sociology, including essays on the sociology of the body, women's health, work stress, and the modern health care system.Part Two then applies those subjects to individual countries and societies in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to provide a comparative reference for the most important topics in the field. This Companion thoroughly demonstrates that every region has its own unique medical perspectives and practices. This invaluable resource is the most informed, complete, and up-to-date reference on transnational medical sociology available today.


List of Contributors Preface Part I: Substantive Topics 1. Medical Sociology and Sociological Theory: William C. Cockerham 2. Health and Culture: Stella Quah 3. The Sociology of the Body: Sarah Nettleton 4. Health and Social Stratification: Eero Lahelma 5. Women's Health to a Gender Analysis of Health: Sara Arber and Hilary Thomas 6. Work Stress and Health: Johannes Siegrist 7. Migration, Health, and Stress: Judith T. Shuvel 8. Health Professions and Occupations: Elianne Riska 9. The Convergence and Divergence of Modern Health Care Systems: Fred Stevens Part II: Regional Perspectives The Americas 10. The American Health Care System: Entering the Twenty-first Century with High Risk, Major Challenges, and Great Opportunities: Bernice A. Pescosolido and Carol A. Boyer 11. The Evolution of Health Care in Canada: Towards Community or Corporate Control?: B. Singh Bolaria and Harley D. Dickinson 12. Medical Sociology in Mexico: Roberto Castro 13. Social Science and Health in Brazil: Everardo Duarte Nunes Western Europe 14. Medical Sociology in Great Britain: Ellen Annandale and David Field 15. The French Paradoxes: Kristina Orfali 16. Medical Sociology in Germany: Olaf von dem Knesbeck and Johannes Siegrist 17. Society, Health, and Health Care in Sweden: Orjan Hemstrom Russia and Eastern Europe 18. The Russian Health Care Experiment: Transition of the Health Care System and Rethinking the Sociology of Medicine: Elena Dmitrieva 19. In and Out of Communism: The Macrosocial Context of Health in Poland: Nina Ostrowska 20. Transformation of the Health Care System in the Czech Republic - A Sociological Perspective: Hana Janeckova Africa 21. Health and Health Care in South Africa Against an African Background: H.C.J. van Rensburg and Charles Ngwena Middle East 22. Health, Health Care, and Medical Education in the Arab World: Eugene Gallagher 23. Health and Health Care in Israel: Ofra Anson Asia and the Pacific Region 24. Medicine and Health Care in Australia: Deborah Lupton 25. Health, Illness, and Health Policy in Japan: Masahira Anesaki and Tsunetsugu Munakata 26. The Great Reversal: Transformation of Health Care in the People's Republic of China: Meei-Shia Chen Index

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