Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for Bangladesh


Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for Bangladesh

edited by S. Huq ... [et al.]

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1999

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Bangladesh faces many challenges. So long it has been mainly the traditional ones of socio economic development and eradication of poverty. Environment as a major factor in this process has only recently entered the scene. But even before environmental considerations in the development process has become the normal practice, the spectre of climate change has reared its ugly head. While Bangladesh is not unique among developing countries in being at the receiving end regarding the causes and consequences of climate change, both in the literal and allegorical sense of the term, the fact remains that it has made the prospects for sustainable socio-economic development in the country much more complex and formidable than before. Both for her own sake and the sake of the global community at large, therefore, Bangladesh has to initiate actions at various levels to face the challenge from now on. The present study is a part of that process. In 1996, the Governments of USA and Bangladesh together decided to initiate a comprehensive study on climate change in Bangladesh. A unique consortium of public and non-governmental research organisations with support from the relevant administrative arms of the Government carried out the study over 1996 and 1997. The report has been accepted by the Government and several of its recommendations are in the process of implementation. While the direction of climate change is broadly certain, its details leave much scope for speculation and interpretation.


  • Tables. Figures. Preface. Overview
  • S. Huq, M. Asaduzzaman. Development of Climate Change Scenarios with General Circulation Models
  • A.U. Ahmed, M. Alam. Water Resources Vulnerability to Climate Change with Special Reference to Inundation
  • M. Alam, et al. Climate Change Vulnerability of Crop Agriculture
  • Z. Karim, et al. Assessment of Foodgrain Production Loss Due to Climate Induced Enhanced Soil Salinity
  • M. Habibullah, et al. Beach Erosion in the Eastern Coastline of Bangladesh
  • S.M.R. Islam, et al. Vulnerability of Forest Ecosystems of Bangladesh to Climate Change
  • A.U. Ahmed, et al. Fish Resources Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh
  • M.Y. Ali. Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh: Future Outlook
  • A.U. Ahmed, et al. Subject Index.

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