Fiction acquisition/fiction management : education and training


    • Olson, Georgine N.


Fiction acquisition/fiction management : education and training

Georgine N. Olson, editor

Haworth Press, c1998

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"Fiction acquisition/fiction management : education and training, has been co-published simultaneously as The Acquisitions librarian, number 19, 1998."

Includes bibliographical references and index



Fiction Acquisition/Fiction Management: Education and Training provides librarians and library managers with the most current information on how to successfully maintain or start a fiction collection that serves the needs of your patrons. You will learn about suggestions for further education of your library staff, such as calling on the American Library Association to create collection workshops and publish "how-to" articles to help small to medium sized libraries build a successful fiction collection. Through guidelines, procedures, interviews, and research, this text will help you efficiently manage existing fiction collections or develop an up-to-date collection for your library.Whether you are a collection librarian at a public or academic library, Fiction Acquisition/Fiction Management will guide you through the training and education process of your staff and offer you the most efficient and economical way to start a fiction collection. In addition, this book provides insight into: selecting materials through budgeting, collection development, and weeding how WLN conspectus software can help you decide what book selections are most marketable at your public or university library building a useful collection by working at the circulation desk, listening to suggestions from patrons, and using book reviews as a minimal criteria for selection interviews with collection librarians about maintaining their fiction collections a listing of sources, such as specific databases, that will help you collect specific genres, such as anti-theory fictionIf you would like to improve your library's fiction section and attract more clientele, Fiction Acquisition/Fiction Management will help you achieve this goal. Direct, informative, and up-to-date, this book will successfully start your collection or make an existing one complete.


Contents Fiction Acquisition / Fiction Management: Education and Training Providing the Fiction Your Patrons Want: Managing Fiction in a Medium-Sized Public Library Using Local Marketing Characteristics to Customize the Conspectus for Fiction Assessment Options for Fiction Provision in Academic Libraries: Book Lease Plans Humanities Collection Librarians Talk About Their Work Censored, Forbidden and Underground Czech Novelists: A Selective Review De(construction) of Literary Theory: The Rise of Anti-Theory Fiction Index

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