Russian nationalism from an interdisciplinary perspective : imagining Russia


Russian nationalism from an interdisciplinary perspective : imagining Russia

Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

(Slavic studies, v. 5)

Edwin Mellen Press, c2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This study examines how Russians "imagine" Russia in the 21st century and for the last three centuries. It looks at Russian history and modern day conflicts, such as ethnicity, to see how Russian people identify themselves. This study sheds light on many topics in Russian history, such as nationalism, anti-Semitism, Orthodox Christianity and ethnic others and reaction to NATO actions in Kosovo.


  • Introduction: the slow dawn of Russian national awareness
  • Russia vs. Rus' - the long memory of Russian Nationalists, psychoanalysis and national feelings. Part I The Russian self and the illusion of Russia: what is Russian identity?
  • identity is not character
  • the post-Soviet identity flux
  • Russia as imagined collective
  • the individual and Mother Russia
  • Mother Russia herself
  • Europe vs. Asia
  • Eurasianist Russian nationalism
  • the deep end of Eurasianism
  • the island of russia
  • is Russia falling apart?
  • fragmentation by emigration
  • are the Russians a biological unity?
  • Russia as riddle
  • the empty Russian idea
  • the illusion of Russia. Part II The Russian other and the enemies of Russia: the threatening order
  • some surface features of ethnic hatred in Russia
  • assimilationism and ethnic hostility
  • the hateful side of Russian universalism
  • the narcissism of empire
  • ontogenetic explorations
  • ethnic projection
  • relating masochism to ethnic paranoia
  • conclusion - some personal experiences.

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