The Mendelssohn companion


The Mendelssohn companion

edited by Douglass Seaton

Greenwood Press, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The Mendelssohn Companion represents a collection of advanced scholarly research in Mendelssohn studies that examines the composer's life and music. In recent decades, studies of his music manuscripts have discovered much previously overlooked work, and a reconsideration of his biography has permitted a more realistic portrayal of Mendelssohn. The first three chapters of this volume place the composer in his intellectual context and discuss his family and social circle and his professional activities. Later chapters examine the major areas of his compositional work, providing new analytical observations, contextual perspectives, and interpretations. Historical views and documents are included with each chapter and are all newly translated. The new material in this fully documented study will appeal to scholars, students, and music enthusiasts alike. An updated bibliographic list of Mendelssohn's works, which identifies the autograph manuscripts and the most important published editions will be of special interest.


Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Emancipation: The Origins of Felix Mendelssohn's Aesthetic Outlook by Leon Botstein "For Art Has the Same Place in Your Heart as Mine": Family, Friendship, and Community in the Life of Felix Mendelssohn by Marian Wilson Mendelssohn as Performer and Teacher by Donald Mintz Mendelssohn's Dramatic Music by Douglass Seaton On Felix Mendelssohn's Bartholdy's Sacred Music by George Feder Art-History-Religion: On Mendelssohn's Oratorios St. Paul and Elijah by Friedhelm Krummacher The Orchestral Music by Thomas Grey On Mendelssohn's Compositional Style: Propositions Based on the Example of the String Quartets by Friedhelm Krummacher Piano Music by R. Larry Todd The Organ Music by Robert Mann With Words: Mendelssohn's Vocal Songs by Douglass Seaton Mendelssohn's Works: Prolegomenon to a Comprehensive Inventory by John Michael Cooper

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