The new market leaders : who's winning and how in the battle for customers


The new market leaders : who's winning and how in the battle for customers

Fred Wiersema

Free Press, c2001

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Managers are finding it hard to attract and retain customers in the on-line economy. Fresh models are needed to determine what it takes to prosper when customers are the most precious resource. This book does just that by examining the unorthodox companies dominating the market and revolutionizing business. Fred Wiersema explains why traditional methods, such as size of the company or total sales, are no longer adequate markers of a company's prowess or future prospects. By providing new sales growth and market value indexes this book shows readers how to recognize the movers and shakers in the industry.

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In the decade since Fred Wiersema coauthored the #1 bestseller The Discipline of Market Leaders, a momentous shift has occured. We have entered an age of customer scarcity--an age in which exciting, often unorthodox companies are revolutionizing the global marketplace. In this path-cutting work, Wiersema provides new benchmarks for ranking businesses in this new economy and reveals the strategies that set winning companies apart. After tracking 5,000 companies worldwide for over six years, Wiersema discovered that just a few hundred of these of these exert tremendous influence on the new economy. Here, he explains why traditional measures of competitive prowess no longer apply and, using new yardsticks, identifies today's 100 most influential businesses. With practical strategies for managers and investors, Wiersema then shows how to recognize and emulate these dynamic new market leaders.

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