Biology of the hard clam



Biology of the hard clam

edited by John N. Kraeuter, Michael Castagna

(Developments in aquaculture and fisheries science, 31)

Elsevier, 2001

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The hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, is an important commercial, recreational and ecological inhabitant of coastal bays along the east and gulf coasts of the United States. This title represents the first state of the art summary of existing knowledge of the hard clam by experts in various disciplines.Containing a compendium of literature on the hard clam, comprehensive chapters on various aspects of its biology as well as summaries of knowledge including the gray literature on this economically important species, this volume represents a comprehensive source of biological information for managers and researchers interested in shallow marine and estuarine ecosystems. Research students and managers charged with maintaining coastal ecosystems will also find a wealth of background material.The first synthesis of available information on the mercenaria mercenaria, this title is a response to the needs of individuals involved in hard clam aquaculture and scientists interested in molluscan biology, coastal ocean ecology and similar fields. Over 2300 documents have been synthesized, and chapter authors have added unpublished information as well as new material.


Preface. List of Contributors. Section 1. Descriptive Biology. Systematics and taxonomy (M.E. Harte). Shell structure and age determination (L.W. Fritz). Embryogenesis and organogenesis of veligers and early juveniles (M.R. Carriker). Anatomy and histology of Mercenaria mercenaria (A.F. Eble). Reproduction in Mercenaria mercenaria (A.G. Eversole). Genetics of hard clams, Mercenaria mercenaria (T.J. Hilbish). Section 2. Environmental Biology. Functional morphology and behavior of shelled veligers and early juveniles (M.R. Carriker). Physiological ecology of Mercenaria mercenaria (R.E. Grizzel, V.M. Bricelj, S.E. Shumway). Demography and dynamics of hard clam populations (S.R. Fegley). Integrating nutritional physiology and ecology to explain interactions between physics and biology in Mercenaria mercenaria (C.H. Peterson). Predators and predation (J.N. Kraeuter). Pests, parasites, diseases, and defense mechanisms of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria (S.E. Ford). Section 3. Fisheries, Aquaculture and Human Interactions.Management of hard clam stocks, Mercenaria mercenaria (J.L. McHugh). A history of hard clamming (C.L. MacKenzie Jr., D.L. Taylor, W.S. Arnold). Aquaculture of the hard clam,Mercenaria(M. Castagna). Introduction of the hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) to the Pacific coast of North America with notes on its introduction to Puerto Rico, England, and France (K.K. Chew). References index. Species index. General index.

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