Integration in the library organization


    • Thompson, Christine E.


Integration in the library organization

Christine E. Thompson, editor

Haworth Information Press, c2000

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"has been co-published simultaneously as Journal of library administration, volume 29, number 2, 1999."

Includes bibliographical references and index (p. 135-140)



Bring technical and public services together to create a more user-friendly library!Written for public and technical services librarians, this vital book examines the changes in the profession that have contributed to the integration of the two services. It explores the responsibilities of public and technical services, the effect of dualism on libraries and the profession, and management concerns in this overlapping environment. With case studies and insightful predictions for the future, Integration in the Library Organization discusses the changes in the profession that have contributed to the integration of the two services. This book fills a gap in the available information about team management and the blurring of public/technical services lines in libraries. Integration in the Library Organization shows you how to create an environment of full staff cooperation within your library and provides examples of ways that other libraries have accomplished this. Here you'll discover management techniques to use in such an overlapping environment. Integration in the Library Organization discusses: the false dualism of technical services vs. public services working as partners in a team-based environment tailoring library positions to match individual skills outsourcing in Hawaii satellite cataloging operations and nonprint backlogs . . . and much more!Integration in the Library Organization will provide you with the insight you need to help your library balance and integrate technical and public services and improve the capability of your library to offer patrons quality services and large amounts of information.


  • Contents Introduction SECTION I Blurred Lines, Clear Future: Personal Perspectives on the Reference and Cataloger Partnership SECTION II The False Dualism: Technical Services vs. Public Services A Perfect Fit: Tailoring Library Positions to Match Individual Skills Both Sides Now
  • or Paradise Now SECTION III The Collegial Environment and the Functional Organization Outsourcing: The Hawaii Experience SECTION IV Dismantling the Wall between Technical and Public Services Public Services Satellite Cataloging Operations and Non-Print Backlogs A Shared Experience: Working in Partnership in a Team-Based Environment Public and Technical Services: One Cataloger's Perspective Floor Covering Options for "Sick Buildings": A Collaborative Study The Cataloging Advisory Group: A Public/Technical Services Forum CONCLUSIONS: Are We Ready for the Twenty-first Century Library Organization? Contributors Index Reference Notes Included

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