The first Lady Diana : the life of Lady Diana Spencer, 1710-1735


    • Massey, Victoria


The first Lady Diana : the life of Lady Diana Spencer, 1710-1735

Victoria Massey

London House, 1999

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Bibliography: p. 247-250

Includes index



Lady Diana Spencer, of Althorp and London, tall and beautiful, a lover of music and the arts, treasured by every young aristocrat, earmarked for marriage to the Prince of Wales, haunted by the death of loved ones, and destined to die at a tragically early age. Sound familiar? But this Lady Diana, in a life which was uncannily similar to the most recent holder of her title, lived nearly 300 years ago. In this biography the reader watches Lady Diana grow up, follows her education, her training for the aristocracy and shares her passion for art and music. Her marriage to Lord John Russell; their elevation to the title of Duke and Duchess of Bedford; the sad death of Lady Diana's first child, and her subsequently miscarriages; her early death are all chronicled in this deeply researched and empathetic biography. This first Lady Diana was a captivating, caring beauty whose untimely death, after such a short vivacious life, was deeply mourned.

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