An introduction to the philosophy of mind


    • Maslin, Keith


An introduction to the philosophy of mind

K.T. Maslin

Polity Press, 2001

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??AAAn Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind??AA provides a lively and accessible introduction to all the main themes and arguments currently being debated in this area. The book examines and criticizes four major theories of mind: Dualism, Mind/Brain Identity, Behaviourism and Functionalism. It argues that while consciousness and our mental lives depend upon physical processes in the brain, they are not reducible to those processes. The differences between mental and physical states, mind/body causality, the problem of other minds, and personal identity are also explored in full.The second edition of this well respected text has been revised to include a new chapter which explores Aristotles??AA' philosophy of psychology and mind. It also includes new material on the Turing test and has been expanded and updated throughout. The book is designed to help students think for themselves about all the issues identified above, and contains exercises throughout the text to stimulate and challenge the reader. Objectives are clearly set out at the start of every chapter to enable students to check their understanding as they proceed, and each chapter ends with questions to consider. There are discussions of the most cited contemporary writers in the field, so that the reader can gain a rounded perspective of the debates.


Acknowledgements How to Use This Book Chapter 1 The Mind/Body Problem Chapter 2 Dualism Chapter 3 The Mind/Brain Identity Theory Chapter 4 Analytical Behaviourism Chapter 5 Functionalism Chapter 6 Taking Consciousness Seriously: Non-Reductive Monism Chapter 7 Psycho-Physical Causation Chapter 8 The Problem of Other Minds Chapter 9 Personal Identity as Physical Continuity Chapter 10 Personal Identity as Psychological Continuity Notes Glossary Select Bibliography

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