Damage assessment of structures : proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Damage Assessment of Structures (DAMAS 2001), Cardiff, Wales, UK, June 25th-28th, 2001


    • International Conference on Damage Assessment of Structures
    • Holford, K.M.


Damage assessment of structures : proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Damage Assessment of Structures (DAMAS 2001), Cardiff, Wales, UK, June 25th-28th, 2001

editors, K.M. Holford ...[et al.]

(Key engineering materials, v. 204-205)

Trans Tech Pub., c2001

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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). Understanding the manner in which damage evolves in engineering materials, systems or structures is currently the focus of extensive research. The object of the present book is to report recent advances in the areas of damage detection, assessment and quantification.


Assessment of Structural Integrity under Dynamic Loading The Use of Vibration Signatures to Detect Flexural Cracking in Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Damage Detection of Plate-Like Structures An Experimental Appraisal of the Strain Energy Damage Location Method Development and Use of Smart Acquisition Systems for Bridge Monitoring An Experimental Study of the Use of Vibration Testing to Predict Buckling Failure Model-Based Damage Identification from Changes of Model Data - A Comparison of Different Methods Self-Monitoring and Self-Healing Jointed Structures Pattern Recognition Methods for Damage Diagnosis in Structures from Vibration Measurements International Research Projects on Structural Damage Detection An Investigation into the Condition Monitoring Strategy for a Large Reversible Francis Pump-Turbine Mistuning Parameters Identification of a Bladed Disk Influence of Bearing Pre-load Coefficient on Shaft Vibration and Pad Temperature in a Hydroturbine Generator Unit - A Case Study Fuzzy Model-Based Fault Diagnosis of an AC Motor The Application of a Lifetime Observer in Vehicle Technology Rub Fault Diagnostics by Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of a Multi-Disk Rotor System Application of High Frequency Monitoring for Classification of Rolling Element Bearing Failures On Modelling of Structural Stiffness Loss Due to Damage Inverse Methods in Structural Health Monitoring Beat-Frequencies for Damage Detection Detection and Configuration of the Shaft Crack in a Rotor-Bearing System by Genetic Algorithms Developments and Comparisons on the Definition of an Instantaneous Damping Estimator for Structures under Natural Excitation Spectral Finite Element and Genetic Algorithm for Crack Detection in Cantilever Rod Auto-Regression and Statistical Process Control Techniques Applied to Damage Indication in Telecommunication Masts An Error Estimate for CVA Diagnostics of a System with an Interface Nonlinearity using Higher Order Spectral Estimators The Multi-Agent Based Fault Diagnosis Prototype System Built-In Diagnostics for Monitoring Crack Growth in Aircraft Structures Damage Assessment Using Acoustic Emission Novel Sensors for Damage Detection Establishment of Traceable Measurement Standards for Acoustic Emission Energy Calibration Correlation of Crack Propagation and Acoustic Emission Rates Wavelet Signal Processing of Acoustic Emission Data On the Long-Term Stability of Normal Condition for Damage Detection in a Composite Panel Structural Health Monitoring of a Carbon Fibre Structure Using Low Profile Piezoelectric, Optical and MEMS Sensors Lifetime Predictions for Orthopaedic Implants Impact Location on Stiffened Composite Structures Using Neural Networks Damage Assessment of Composite Structures Using Inverse Analysis and Genetic Algorithms Evaluation for Fatigue Limit Reliability of High Strength Steel from Meso-Scale Characteristics Mesomechanical Modeling of Quasihomogeneous Damage Full Scale Accelerated Testing of Bituminous Road Pavement Mixtures Thermoelastic Characterisation of Damage Around a Circular Hole in a GRP Component

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