Even more true stories : an intermediate reader


    • Heyer, Sandra


Even more true stories : an intermediate reader

by Sandra Heyer

Longman ,c2000

2nd ed

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 5




Imagine being run over by a speeding train -- and living to tell the tale. Or paying $3 for an old cardboard map, then realizing it's worth millions! With the newly expanded True Stories series, English language learners from lowbeginning through high-intermediate proficiency can enjoy the fun and engaging "believe-it-or-not" quality of these colorful news stories. Each book features: Pre-reading questions. Activities for pair or small-group work. A variety of essential reading skills. Carefully controlled vocabulary and structures. Exercises in vocabulary, comprehension, discussion, and writing. The True Stories series includes: True Stories Behind the Songs More True Stories Behind the Songs Very Easy True Stories All New Very Easy True Stories Easy True Stories All New Easy True Stories More True Stories, Third Edition Even More True Stories Beyond True Stories


Unit 1 Brats Unit 2 More Alike Than Different Unit 3 The World's Largest Family Unit 4 Healthy Again Unit 5 The Buried City Unit 6 Misunderstandings Unit 7 A Real Bargain Unit 8 Black Cats and Broken Mirrors Unit 9 A Killer in the Backseat Unit 10 The Treasure Hunt Unit 11 The Plain People Unit 12 Postponing Death Unit 13 An Unexpected Adventure Unit 14 Sucker Day Unit 15 Love Under Siege Answer Key

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