A class act : changing teachers' work, globalisation and the state


    • Robertson, Susan L.


A class act : changing teachers' work, globalisation and the state

Susan L. Robertson

(Garland reference library of social science, v. 1465)(Studies in education/politics, v. 8)

Falmer Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 215-231) and index



This book offers an original and challenging theoretical and empirical approach to mapping the changing nature of teachers' work historically and in the contemporary period. It is an attempt to understand how and in what ways teachers' work has changed following the demise of the post-war settlement and the imminent collapse of teachers' project of professionalism secured through solidaristic strategies such as unionism. Dr. Robertson argues that in order to understand these issues, a more rigorous set of conceptual tools around social class, occupational power and worker control is needed. The first two sections of the book set out to address that problem. The final section elaborates on the changing contexts and conditions for contemporary teachers more generally, and argues that structural and ideological changes within educational provision have led to differing capacities in the realization of class assets.


Introduction A Class Act: Teachers and Change Part I Teachers and Class: The Terrain and Stakes of Struggle 2.Teachers, the State and Social Settlements Part II Changing Contexts 3.Laissez-Faire Liberalism, Teachers and the State 4.Fordism, Welfare Statism and the Rise of Teachers as 'Professionals' Part III Contemporary Change 5.The New Politics of 'Fast Capitalism': From Body to Soul 6.Post-Fordist Discources and Teachers' Work 7.Racheting Up the Marketness Factor: Managing Compliance to the Competitive State Project 8.Fast Schools and the New Politics of Production and Consumption Part IV Critical Realities Reviewed 9.Critical Realities Reviewed

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