European Conference on Vehicle Noise and Vibration, 12-13 May, 1998, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK


European Conference on Vehicle Noise and Vibration, 12-13 May, 1998, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK

organized by the Automobile Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ; co-cponsored by Engineering Integrity Society, Institute of Acoustics, FISITA

(IMechE conference transactions, 1998-5)

Professional Engineering, 1998


Vehicle noise and vibration

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With the ever-increasing demands for reduced noise and increased comfort, engineers constantly strive to give a smoother ride coupled with better sound quality. The papers presented in this volume examine the developments and available technologies involved in reducing the interior and exterior noise in passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles.


  • Powertrain: powertrain gear rattling noise analysis for a diesel engine
  • transmission modelling for gear rattle analysis
  • present and future perspectives of powertrain refinement
  • fuel injection pump drivetrain dynamics and their influence on pump drive torque
  • a new approach for powertrain structure borne noise analysis
  • power unit low-frequency airborne noise
  • optimization of SI combustion noise - development process and basic analysis. Systems: optimizing the power steering components to attenuate noise and vibrations
  • vibration diagnosis and optimization of a test characterize power steering pump noise using vibration measuremnts
  • development of hydro-elastic strut mountings for vehicle secondary ride enhancement - from concept to protoype evalaution. Body and intake/exhaust: acoustic double baffle utilizing programmed expandable foam as body cavity seal
  • an investigtion of machine excitation analysis as a possible tool in the control of interior noise quality in light commercial vehicles
  • comfortable seat suspension design for commercial vehicles
  • close couples catalyst solution and its effects on exhaust noise control
  • comuteer aided development of exhaust systems. Analysis: a study of disc brake squeal propensity using parametric finite element model
  • the invesitagtion of sound fileds and their radiating surfaces using acousto-optic holographic modal analysis
  • the use of indirect coupled boundary element analysis in vehicle NVH refinement
  • development of coupled structure - acoustic FE models for vehicle refinement
  • cylinder head noise reduction on a 4-cylinder 4-valve SI engine. Tyre and road: airborne noise source definition
  • characterizing the transfer of road-surface excited vibrations through vehicle suspension systems
  • tyre vibratons and some issues in suspension design. Test techniques: an experimental attempt to identify vibration flow on car exterior panels through intensity method
  • combining design of experiments and modelling techniques to resolve complex clutch pedal noise and vibration problems
  • quantifying the noise emissions of engine oilslumps, valve covers using artificial excitation
  • airborne noise transfer path analyis
  • an investigation into the effect of door seals on noise generated in the passenger compartment
  • an interactive subjective assessment method for recorded sound.

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