Sixth International Conference on Turbocharging and Air Management Systems, 3-5 November, 1998, IMechE HQ, London, UK


Sixth International Conference on Turbocharging and Air Management Systems, 3-5 November, 1998, IMechE HQ, London, UK

organized by the Combustion Engines Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ; co-sponsored by The Automobile Division of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, The Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers, Gépipari Tudimányos Egyesület

(IMechE conference transactions, 1998-11)

Professional Engineering Publishing for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1998

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The latest advances in turbomachinery design and technology Turbocharging and Air Management Systems features a collection of papers presented at the 1998 Imeche Conference. Contributions by global industry-leading centers of excellence, this book examines the latest advances and details the goals of current projects. Topics include computer-aided turbomachinery system design, meanline prediction of traditional turbine efficiency, turbocharger design challenges, and more, bringing readers up to date on the state of the field and directions for future work.


  • Turbocharger and turbine design I: computer-aided turbomachinery design system, G.J. Bruce
  • centrifugal compressor design options for small turbochargers, C. Rodgers
  • extension of a centrifugal compressor performance prediction technique, E. Swain, H. Meese
  • a meanline prediction method for radial turbine efficiency, N.C. Baines
  • experimental and analytical investigation of the flow field of a turbocharger turbine, E.F. Benisek. Emission control: controlling turbocharging and EGR system to improve exhaust aftertreatemnt conditions in an automotive diesel engine, M. Capobianco et al
  • the effects of EGR and supercharging on fuel sprays, combustion, and emissions in a HSDI diesel engine, C. Arcoumanis et al. Air management: theoretical and experimental study on the performance of a sequentially turbocharged diesel engine, Z. Ren et al
  • examinations of a Lysholm compressor's performance and the engine performance supercharged by the Lysholm compressor, M. Hori et al
  • regulated two-stage turbocharging - KKK's new charging system for commercial diesel engines, F. Pfluger. Turbocharger compressor and turbine design II: the design, development, and testing of a hydraulic turbine dynamometer, G.T. McDonnell et al
  • measured and predicted flow characteristics of mixed-flow turbocharger turbines, c. Arcoumanis et al
  • some aero-thermodynamic considerations for future developments of small turbochargers, F.S. Bhinder
  • the use of axial flow turbines for driving centrifugal compressors, B. Beyer et al
  • turbocharger turbine performance under unsteady flow - a review of experimental results and proposed models, D.E. Winterbone, R.J. Pearson. Engine turbocharger matching by simulation: estimation of steady flow loss coefficients for pulse converter junctions in exhaust manifolds, M.D. Bassett et al
  • calculation of compressor surge with unsteady flow model, M. Skopil, T. Bulaty
  • analysis of a turbocharged intercooled 20-cylinder medium-speed diesel engine, D.E. Winterbone et al
  • transient performance optimization of turbocharged engines by means of gas exchange simulations, P. Bartsch et al
  • the ultimate performance potential of compounded diesel engines for heavy vehicles, F.J. Wallace, A. Cox. Large turbochargers: turbocharger design challenge, K.R. Winn, I. Pinkney
  • development of compressor for high-pressure ratio turbocharger, H. Tamaki et al
  • the aerodynamic design of the NAPIER 297 compressor, F.J.G. Heyes. (Part contents).

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