International Conference on Integrated Powertrain Systems for a Better Environment, 10-11 November, 1999, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK



International Conference on Integrated Powertrain Systems for a Better Environment, 10-11 November, 1999, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK

organized by the Automobile Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers(IMechE)

(IMechE conference transactions, 1999-9)

Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1999

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Autotech '99, the Automotive Industry event, brings together manufacturers, researchers, designers, users, industry groups, and academics to create a forum for the exchange of information and innovation. It is unique in offering information from industry and academics on the latest cutting edge advances in research, and major technological breakthrough in the automotive world. This text addresses recent developments in this vital area of automotive technology. Continued legislation and environmental pressures mean that research and innovation are needed to keep the companies at the cutting edge. Contributors from industry and academic circles from around the world are featured in this volume. Key issues and areas are: emissions and particulate control; engine fuelling and control; direct injection systems; fuel economy; measurements and modelling; transmissions; hybrid powertrains. This book should be of interest to automotive engineers, researchers, and product developers and to those involved in fuel and lubricant technology, legislators and regulatory bodies.


  • Powertrain and the environment: the environment - how it pushes engines forward and sometimes holds them back, M.L. Monagham
  • cold-start particulate and hydrocarbon performance of a polished crown piston against a standard piston fitted to a two-litre turbo-charged direct injection diesel engine, A. Blackwood et al
  • real-life vehicle exhaust emissions performance compared with legislative drive cycles, J. Farnlund, C. Bale
  • the use of performance index to assess a new diesel particulate filter and additive combination, R. Richards, B. Terry. Engine fuelling and control: the Denso engine management system for Jaguar's 99MY XJ8 and XK8 model ranges, S. King et al
  • fuel system development to improve cold-start performance of a flexible fuel vehicle, A. Stodart et al
  • a study of common rail injector timing control applied to automotive and heavy-duty diesel engines, G. Augugliaro, V. Rocco. Gasoline direct injection systems: a comparison of gasoline direct injection systems and discussion of development techniques, M. Fry et al
  • fast response HC measurement for DI gasoline engine development, D. Richardson, T. Cains
  • Visteon's approach to integrated powertrain control systems, I. Forster. Fuel economy: predictions of fuel economy for types of DISI and MPI spark ignition engines, P.J. Shayler et al
  • the use of low-friction oils for fuel economy improvements - the next steps, D. Chudasama, J. Bennett
  • the use of computer simulation to investigate turbo-charging and super-charging, D.C. Gurney. Measurement and modelling: analysis of dynamic load measurements on high-speed timing chains, R. Stephenson et al
  • powertrain noise and vibration simulation with hybrid models, K. Sumi et al. Transmissions: application of disturbance observed to automatic transmission shift control, T. Tashiro et al
  • modelling techniques applied to the development of Torotrak's series 3 IVT, I. James, D. Price. Hybrid powertrain and concepts - I: recent results of a series electric hybrid passenger vehicle programme, S. Etemad, S. Khalif
  • adaptation of ADVISOR 2.) for dual hybrid vehicle modelling, C. Evans, R. Stone
  • on the application of turbo-boosters for the series hybrid electric vehicles, K.R. Pullen, S. Khalif. Hybrid powertrain and concepts - II: low-cost generating sets for series hybrid cars, F.H. Moeller, S.M. Abu Sharkh
  • the centrifugal metal-air fuel cell concept prospects for future vehicle propulsion, B. Worth. Author's index.

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