Transition in crusader Valencia : years of triumph, years of war, 1264-1270


Transition in crusader Valencia : years of triumph, years of war, 1264-1270

Robert I. Burns

(Diplomatarium of the crusader kingdom of Valencia : the registered charters of its conqueror Jaume I, 1257-1276, 3 . Documents 501-1000)

Princeton University Press, c2001

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Documents in Latin with English summaries



In this volume, a panoramic history of medieval Valencia continues to unfold, as the noted scholar Robert Burns presents a new set of documents from the registers of Jaume the Conqueror at the Crown Archives in Barcelona. Here Burns focuses on 500 government charters covering the years 1264 to 1270, the culmination of the king's warrior fame in Christendom, and places these documents within the context of Jaumes's pan-Mediterranean military and political exploits. The most impressive archives of its kind outside the papal series, this collection is invaluable to medievalists as well as to historians interested in topics ranging from colonialism to rhetoric to economics during the Crusade period. Together the five Diplomatarium volumes will reconstruct the thousands of charters describing the daily business of Jaumes's kingdom and will provide detailed paraphrases of each document to aid scholars with little or no Latin. The third volume describes Jaume distributing public baths and taverns and artisans' quarters, constructing irrigation networks and castles, licensing butchers and physicians, noticing even dovecotes and beehives and oranges, operating on credit and on charismatic itinerant presence, interacting with his many Jewish and Muslim communities, and leading his armies to battle. Meanwhile, Jaumes's bureaucrats are at work elaborating a Roman law framework, shaping an institutional and commercial system, and defining the kingdom's religious identity. In a kaleidoscope of human detail, these documents open a window on an exotic past that medievalists and all historians can enjoy.


ILLUSTRATIONS vii PREFACE ix SIGLA xi INTRODUCTIO 3 Charters 501-600 23 Charters 601-700 130 Charters 701-800 245 Charters 801-900 360 Charters 901-1000 471 Years 1263-1264 23 Year 1265 125 Year 1266 199 Year 1267 252 Year 1268 298 Year 1269 432 Year 1270 570

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