Human resource management : a critical text


Human resource management : a critical text

edited by John Storey

Thomson Learning, c2001

2nd ed

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This volume gives comprehensive coverage of all the main areas of Human Resources Management and as such it should be suitable as a main course text. The second edition retains nearly all the existing contributors but there are several new chapters: "HRM and Ethics" by Woodall and Winstanley; "Knowledge Management" by Paul Quintas; "Organizational Learning, Culture and Change" by Graeme Salaman; and a chapter on recruitment entitled "Employee Resourcing" and authored by Paul Iles. In particular, debates about the nature and significance or HRM are examined; the link with corporate strategy is fully explored; and the interface with the personnel function, trade unions and industrial relations and management accountancy are examined in depth. All of the main practice areas including "Planning", "Recruitment", "Selection", "Assessment", "Training", "Reward Systems" and "Employee Involvement" are fully covered. In addition, international aspects are explained by experts in European HRM, American HRM and International Management.


  • Part I Introduction: human resource management - still marching on, or marching out? (John Storey)
  • HRM critical analysis (Karen Legge). Part II Strategic issues: business strategy and HR strategy (John Purcell)
  • the HR/personnel function (Keith Sisson)
  • HR and IR (David Guest)
  • ethics and HR (Jean Woodall and Diana Winstanley). Part III Key practice areas of HRM: employee resourcing (Paul Iles)
  • human resource development (Ashton & Felstead)
  • organizational learning, culture and change (Graeme Salaman)
  • reward systems (Ian Kessler)
  • partnership and participation (Mick Marchington). Part IV International HRM: Europe (Chris Brewster)
  • America (Kochan international HRM (Hugh Scullion). Part V Future prospects: knowledge management (Quintas bringing things together (John Storey).

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