One hundred favorite folktales


One hundred favorite folktales

chosen by Stith Thompson ; drawings by Franz Altschuler

(Midland books, MB-172)

Indiana University Press, 1974

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Amongst the one hundred folktales are such familiar tales as The Three Billy-Goats Gruff, Haensel and Gretel, Sleeping Beuaty, and some perhaps not so familiar, The Magic Bird, The Goose Girl, and The Pancake. "If you can buy only one fairytale book a year, buy this. Why? Because the chooser knows more about the folktales of all countries than anyone else in the world, and the choice is the flower of the flock." -New York Times Book Review "Just relax and enjoy these delightful tales from all over the world-or better yet, read them aloud to some of your favorite children." -Quartet "Should remain the standard tale anthology in English for years to come." -Folklore Forum


Foreword 1. The Three Billy-Goats Gruff 2. The Ingrates 3. John the Bear 4. The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body 5. The Castle of No Return 6. The Danced-Out Shoes 7. The Maiden in the Tower 8. How the Devil Married Three Sisters 9. The White Cat 10. The Little Gardener with Golden Hair 11. Anpu and Bata 12. The Doctor and His Pupil 13. A Tale of a Boy Who Set Out to Learn Fear 14. Hansel and Gretel 15. Boots and the Troll 16. The Master-Smith 17. The Child Sold to the Devil 18. Godfather Death 19. Little Red Riding-Hood 20. Maid Lena 21. The Three Princesses of Whiteland 22. The Frog Princess 23. The White Bride and the Black Bride 24. The Three Citrons 25. Sleeping Beauty 26. East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon 27. King Bean 28. King Lindorm 29. The Frog King 30. Sister Alionushka, Brother Ivanushka 31. The Six Swans 32. The Rich Man and His Son-in-Law 33. The Animal Wife 34. Friends in Life and Death 35. The Two Step-Sisters 36. Tom Tit Tot 37. The Three Aunts 38. The Hunchback's Gift 39. The Princess Who Was Rescued from Slavery 40. The Hearth-Cat 41. Katie Woodencloak 42. One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes 43. The Self-Propelled Carriage 44. Faithful John 45. The Princess on the Glass Hill 46. The Servant Who Took the Place of His Master 47. The Goose-Girl 48. Lord Peter 49. The Gold Bird 50. The Well at the World's End 51. The Goldfish 52. The Grateful Animals and the Talisman 53. The Ass That Lays Money 54. Two Out of the Sack 55. Horns 56. The Magic Bird 57. The King's Hares 58. The Lamb with the Golden Fleece 59. The Blue Belt 60. True and Untrue 61. The Louse Skin 62. The Young Giant 63. The Miller's Four Sons 64. The Speedy Messenger 65. The Language of Animals 66. The Three Languages 67. The Lazy Boy 68. Tom Thumb 69. The Armless Maiden 70. The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird 71. Snow-White 72. The Juniper 73. The Poor and the Rich 74. The Greater Sinner 75. The Singing Bone 76. The Princess Who Wanted to Solve Riddles 77. The Princess in the Earth Cave 78. The Clever Peasant Girl 79. The King Who Wanted a Beautiful Wife 80. The Crumb in the Beard 81. The Three Words of Advice 82. The King and the Bishop 83. Intelligence and Luck 84. The Treasure Chamber of Rhampsinitus 85. The Anger Bargain 86. Polyphemus, the Cyclops 87. Gudbrand on the Hillside 88. Clever Elsie and Her Companions 89. The Master Thief 90. Shemiaka the Judge 91. Little Claus and Big Claus 92. The Man from Paradise 93. The Just Reward 94. The Brave Little Tailor 95. Crab 96. Salt 97. Peter Ox 98. What Should I Have Said?" 99. "Is He Fat?" 100. The Pancake Notes and Sources

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