Classical and computational solid mechanics


Classical and computational solid mechanics

Y.C. Fung, Pin Tong

(Advanced series in engineering science, v. 1)

World Scientific, c2001

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 873-908) and indexes



This invaluable book has been written for engineers and engineering scientists in a style that is readable, precise, concise, and practical. It gives first priority to the formulation of problems, presenting the classical results as the gold standard, and the numerical approach as a tool for obtaining solutions. The classical part is a revision of the well-known text Foundations of Solid Mechanics, with a much-expanded discussion on the theories of plasticity and large elastic deformation with finite strains. The computational part is all new and is aimed at solving many major linear and nonlinear boundary-value problems.


  • Tensor analysis
  • stress tensor
  • analysis of strain
  • conservation laws
  • elastic and plastic behaviour of materials
  • linearized theory of elasticity
  • solutions of problems in linearized theory of elasticity by potentials
  • two-dimensional problems in linearized theory of elasticity
  • variational calculus, energy theorems, Saint-Venant's principle
  • Hamilton's principle, wave propagation, applications of generalized co-ordinates
  • elasticity and thermodynamics
  • irreversible thermodynamics and viscoelasticity
  • thermoelasticity
  • viscoelasticity
  • large deformation
  • incremental approach to solving some nonlinear problems
  • finite element methods
  • mixed and hybrid formulations
  • finite element methods for plates and shells
  • finite element modelling of nonlinear elasticity, viscoelasticity, plasticity, viscoplasticity and creep.

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