Those mingled seas : the poetry of W.B. Yeats, the beautiful and the sublime


    • Holdridge, Jefferson


Those mingled seas : the poetry of W.B. Yeats, the beautiful and the sublime

Jefferson Holdridge

University College Dublin Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [237]-244) and index



A study of Yeats's aesthetics, in which the writing is profoundly engaged with the inner world of Yeats's poetry. The author's familiarity with the internal stresses of Yeats's vision is grounded in serious and painstaking work in philosophy and literary theory from Kant to Kristeva. The significance and human importance of Yeats's poetry and thought are linked to contemporary issues of morality, politics and sexuality.


  • Part 1 Prolegomena to a Yeatsian metaphysic: mercury sublimate - gender, revolution and the Burkean sublime
  • the smell of the fire - Kant, aesthetics, morality and culture - night or joy
  • Yeats, the negative and positive sublime. Part 2 Ascending breathless starlit air - the beautiful and the positive sublime: eternal beauty - early transcendental aesthetics
  • the labour to be beautiful - constructing an aesthetic
  • living beauty - aesthetic accommodation of history and society
  • the language of illusion
  • "A Vision" and the transcentental. Part 3 A dancer wound in his own entrails - the negative sublime: the frivolous eye - Yeatsian epiphany and the violence of God
  • desire and the fascist dream - destructive/creative violence in society
  • heart's victim and its torturer - wounds of the subject-object mystery. Part 4 Whence did all that fury come?: starlit air - the positive sublime
  • the stream that's roaring by - the tragedy of history
  • moving upon silence - alternating visions of sublimity.

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