Ecotoxicology of wild mammals


    • Shore, Richard F.
    • Rattner, Barnett A.


Ecotoxicology of wild mammals

edited by Richard F. Shore, Barnett A. Rattner

(Ecological & environmental toxicology series)

Wiley, 2001

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This landmark book, which contains contributions from the worlda s foremost mammalian ecotoxicologists, is a truly impressive summary of research undertaken in this field in recent years. It is also the first book to draw such information together in a seamless and unified approach. In examining the exposure and effects of environmental contaminants in wild mammal populations, this book addresses four core questions: aeo What exactly do we know about environmental contaminants in wild mammals? aeo What are the commonalities and differences between mammal orders/species in the effects that contaminants have? aeo How and to what degree of accuracy can we predict the adverse effects of environmental contaminants on mammalian wildlife? aeo How significant are contaminant insults compared with other density--independent and --dependent factors such as habitat loss, climatic factors and disease? The key underlying scientific principles and issues raised by the team of international authors will have significance throughout the world, making this an invaluable book not only for all those studying the effects of environmental pollutants on mammals, but also on regulatory agencies, and those carrying out environmental impact assessment.


List of Contributors. Series Foreword. Editorsa Preface. Abbreviations. Environmental Contaminants (D. Hoffman, et al.). Mammal Classification and Characteristics (G. Amori & R. Nowak). Marsupialia and Monotremata (R. Bolton--Grob, et al.). Insectivora (W.--C. Ma & S. Talmage). Chiroptera (D. Clark & R. Shore). Rodentia and Lagomorpha (S. Sheffield, et al.). Carnivora (C. Mason & C. Wren). Pinnipedia (P. Ross & G.Troisi). Cetacea and Sirenia (T. Oa Shea & A. Aguilar). Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla (A. Fr?slie, et al.). Biomarkers for Contaminant Exposure and Effects in Mammals (D. Peakall & K. McBee). Extrapolation of Laboratory Tests to Field Populations (D. Forsyth). Assessing Hazard and Risk of Chemical Exposures to Wild Mammals: Food--chain Analysis and its Role in Ecological Risk Assessment (G. Linder & G. Joermann). Putting the Impacts of Environmental Contamination into Perspective (A. Fairbrother). Summation (R. Ringer). Index.

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