Building design management

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Building design management

Colin Grey and Will Hughes

Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001

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A practical handbook on the management of building design, this guide explains the processes, roles and responsibilities of those involved in the design of the building, as well as ways to maximise efficiency. Well structured and easy to read, the book includes useful notes and checklists on, for example, how to select a design team and how to organise and plan the design process. The authors are recognised authorities in the field of project management, based at an internationally renowned department. Their book will prove invaluable to both students and practitioners in project management.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 Design management theory
  • Chapter 1 Management and organization in design and construction
  • Chapter 2 The process of building design
  • Chapter 3 The process of engineering design
  • Chapter 4 Stages, roles and responsibilities
  • Chapter 5 People and organizations
  • Part 2 Design management practice
  • Chapter 6 Tactics for developing a project culture
  • Chapter 7 Defining the tasks
  • Chapter 8 Managing information production
  • Chapter 9 Evaluation of information
  • Chapter 10 Planning, monitoring and control
  • Chapter 11 Design management in action

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