International organizations : a comparative approach to the management of cooperation


International organizations : a comparative approach to the management of cooperation

Robert S. Jordan ; with Clive Archer, Gregory P. Granger, and Kerry Ordes

Praeger, 2001

4th ed

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Rev. ed. of: International organizations / Werner J. Feld and Robert S. Jordan with Leon Hurwitz. 3rd ed. 1994

Includes bibliographical references and index



This new edition of a classic text, comprehensively revised throughout, appraises the emerging challenges to the centrality of the nation-state international system, such as humanitarianism, environmentalism, new international legal standards, and concepts such as civil society and globalism. As inter-governmental and international non-governmental activities are increasingly being blended, for example in the area of peace-keeping, this poses a challenge to the sanctity of the territorial state as the primary political unit. Similarly, technological and social changes such as the emergence of the Internet, encourages borderless activities (both legal and illegal) by non-state actors. This book provides the basis for students to consider a thorough rethinking of our international system and its prospects for the future in the face of these fundamental and unprecedented developments. While the book as a whole is built around the unifying theme of the management of cooperation, illustrative cases enhance the individual chapters and provide the basis for comparative analysis and discussion. These take the reader through the tangled webs of international cooperation in such areas as the European Union, NATO, humanitarian intervention, arms control, transnational criminal organizations, and global environmental issues. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter add to the usefulness of this text for students.


  • Preface to the Fourth Edition Introduction: The Analysis of International Organizations: An Overview The Past and the Present International Organizations as Historical Phenomena The Predisposition Towards International Organization International Organization and Administration Universal International Organizations as Practical Necessities The Devolution of the Territorial State The Present and the Future International Organizations and the Changing Face of War International Organizational Interactions Decision-Making: Muddling Through in Search of Global Governance International Organizations and the Management of Cooperation Appendix: Official Classification of the UN System Appendix: Excerpts from the UN Charter Appendix: IOs by Type (1995-1996)
  • and IOs by Year and Type (1909-1992) Bibliographical References Index

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