Defensive football strategies


Defensive football strategies

American Football Coaches Association

Human Kinetics, c2000

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They say that defense wins championships. If so, this book is your formula for winning a title with a solid defensive football team. Defensive Football Strategies is a complete collection of tactics, teachings, and insights from some of the best defensive minds in the game. Readers will find winning strategies from 90 top coaches-legends of both the past and the present-including Bob Stoops of the University of Oklahoma, Bo Schembechler of the University of Michigan, Charlie McBride of the University of Nebraska, and R.C. Slocum of Texas A & M. Inside are 73 detailed presentations on many of football's most successful defensive systems used during the past 40 years. With the help of 600 X-and-O diagrams, the book covers these areas: - Philosophies, fronts, and schemes - Run defenses - Pass defenses - Formation and down-and-distance adjustments - Goal line defenses Defensive Football Strategies was developed in cooperation with the American Football Coaches Association. It's an expert resource that coaches can use to build a defense that will win it all.


Part I - Philosophies, Fronts, and Schemes - Maximizing Your Defensive Personnel Larry Jones - Establishing a Winning Defensive Mind-Set Bob Gambold - Preparing the Defense During Game Week Frank Maloney - Teaching Techniques for a Multiple Defensive Package Clyde Biggers - Creating a Multiple Defensive Scheme Ken Donahue, Pat Dye, and Bill Oliver - Defending With Multiple 8-Man Fronts Jim Weaver - Contrasting the 7- and 8-Man Fronts - Building the Even Defense Dan Devine, Al Onofrio, and Clay Cooper - Using the 4-3 Eddie Robinson - Coordinating the 4-3 Defense David McWilliams - Pressuring With a Multiple 4-3 Bob Stoops - Coaching the Tilt: The Stunting 4-3 George Perles - Switching From the 50 to the 4-3 Grant Teaff - Choosing the 4-3 Over the 50 Joe Novak - Defending With the 50 Foge Fazio - Coordinating Run and Pass Defenses George Welsh - Swarming the Offense Dick Tomey, Rich Ellerson, Larry MacDuff, and Johnnie Lynn - Pressuring Without Risk Frank Beamer and Michael Clark - Establishing a Base Defense Bill Dooley - Soaring With the Eagle Defense Craig Bohl and Dean Campbell - Gaining a Numbers Advantage Denny Marcin, Chris Cosh, and Dan Martin - Getting an Edge With the 3-4 Norm Gerber - Developing the Multiple 3-4 Package Phil Bennett and Larry Slade - Blitzing Against Anything Joe Lee Dunn and Tom McMahon - Forcing Turnovers for Victories Brock Spack - Preventing the Big Play Bo Schembechler and Gary Moeller Part II - Run Defenses - Using the 6-2-2-1 Against the Running Game Dick Hitt - Stopping the Triple Option With the 6-2 Chester Caddas - Eliminating Options With the Junkyard Eight Erskine Russell - Standing Firm Against the Veer Augie Tammariello - Defending the Modern Wing-T Roy Kramer and Herb Deromedi - Drilling Run Defense at a Passing School Dick Felt - Freezing the Run With Multiple Fronts Dan MacNeill - Stuffing the Run With a 9-Man Front Teryl Austin - Using the Okie 5-2 to KO the Run Rex Norris and Warren Harper - Developing the Black Shirt Defense Charlie McBride and George Darlington Part III - Pass Defenses - Fundamental Pass Defense Jerry Claiborne - Defense Against a Strong Passing Team Frank Lauterbur - Man-to-Man Pass Coverage Gene Felker - Man Defense Against All Sets Don James - Match-Up Man in Zone Coverage Lou Wacker - Zone Protection Vs. the Pass John Majors - The Swing Linebacker in Pass Defense Dee Andros - The 4-Deep Secondary Hootie Ingram - The 3-Deep Zone Coverage Steve Bernstein - The 2-Deep Zone Mike Lucas - The 2-Deep Vs. the 1-Back Set Michael Hodges - Secondary Coverages to Stall the Pass Ron Schipper - Multiple Pass Defense Carmen Cozza - Run and Shoot Defense Del Wight - The 3-5-3 Pass Defense Frank Spaziani - Pattern-Read and Combination Coverages Bill Oliver - Ingredients for Mixing Coverages Pete Fredenburg - The Nickel Package: Multiple, Yet Simple Denny Schuler - Coverage Adjustments Vs. the Passing Game Dick Sheridan - Flexibility in Defending the Vertical Passing Game Lou Bronzan Part IV - Formation and Situation Adjustments - Executing Between Plays Helps Make Plays Tommy Spangler - Adapting to Formations and Motion Bill Brashier - Adjusting to Defend the Veer and Wishbone Mike Campbell - Defending the One-Back Offense Tom Hayes - Conquering the Long-Yardage Situation Jerry Berndt - Defending on 3rd and Short, Medium, and Long Tom Hayes - Covering on 3rd and Long Bob Toledo - Stopping the Offense Inside the 40 Denny Stolz, Ed Youngs, and Sherman Lewis - Blitzing in the Red Zone Norm Parker - Preventing Points in the Red Zone Charlie McBride - Preserving a Victory With a Two-Minute Defense Dave McClain Part V - Goal Line Defense - The 6-5 Goal Line Defense Gene Stallings - The 56 Lock-On Goal Line Defense Dal Shealy - Multiple Goal Line Defenses Jim Carmody - Combination Coverage on the Goal Line Gary Blackney - A Flawless Diamond Around the Goal Mike Martin - Goal Line Defense Vs. the Fade R.C. Slocum

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