The forehead and temporal fossa : anatomy and technic


    • Knize, David M.
    • Drisko, Mel


The forehead and temporal fossa : anatomy and technic

edited by David M. Knize ; illustrated by Mel Drisko

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001

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includes bibliographical references and index



This volume is a superbly illustrated guide to the anatomy of the forehead and temporal fossa and to the three major foreheadplasty techniques practiced today. The first section is a detailed anatomic atlas that the surgeon can use to plan an operative procedure. The second section is a "how-to-do-it" description and demonstration of foreheadplasty techniques--limited incision, endoscopic, and open--correlating the surgical anatomy with the gross and endoscopic anatomy presented in the first part of the book. 294 full-color drawings and photographs present a true-to-life view of the anatomic structures as they are seen during a surgical procedure


<ol> PART I: ANATOMY Surface Anatomy of the Skull 3 Muscles of the Forehead and Temporal Fossa 11 Nerves and Vessels of the Forehead and temporal Fossa 25 Galea Aponeurotica and Temporal Fascias 45 Endoscopic Anatomy of the Forehead and Temporal Fossa 73 PART II: CLINICAL APPLICATIONS Forehead Aestheics and Preoperative Assessment of the Foreheadplasty Patient 91 Limited Incision Foreheadplasty 101 Endoscopic Browlift - A Personal Technique 133 Open Foreheadplasty 153 Subject Index 189

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