Railtex - International Railway Engineering Conference : railway safety


Railtex - International Railway Engineering Conference : railway safety

organized by the Railway Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineeris (IMechE) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

(IMechE conference transactions, 2001-5)

Professional Engineering Publishing for The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2001


Railway safety

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"Papers publiched here are some of those taken from the Railway Technology Conference, held at Railtex 2000, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, 21-23 November 2000."--on A.T. p



In today's maturing railway industry, the key to getting - and staying - ahead is to keep up with the latest developments across all sectors involved in railway technology. There is pressure upon the rail industry to deliver more customer benefits, with greater cost-effectiveness, faster.


  • Part 1 Safety management: safety, R.I. Muttram
  • stategic safety management - a catalyst for change, C. Lloyd
  • safety management for the introduction of new trains, C.H. Llewellyn and R.S. Cameron
  • the development of best practices for layout SPAD risk assessment, H.J. Parkinson
  • the latest Railtrack yellow book on engineering safety management, D.M. Brooks
  • meeting the standard - engineering acceptance, K.A. Rose. Part 2 Risk, error and testing: the application of ALARP in the railway industry, D.J. Edge
  • improving maintenance - reducing human error, S. Mason
  • human factors and maintenance error, D.J. Edge
  • virtual test trains - now a virtual reality, B. Gilbert
  • weighing of railway vehicles in-motion, G.B. Bolland et al. Part 3 Signalling safety and maintenance: seeing the light, E.J. Stephens
  • railway signalling - achieving concurrent safety and reliability, S.R. Cook. Part 4 On-train safety systems: passenger safety - the way forward, P. Matthews
  • what is ATP?, J.M. Thomas
  • tilting trains -railway group standards and code of practice for the supervision of enhanced permissible speeds and tilt authorization, R. Metcalf
  • high-speed obstacle deflectors, P.J. Murrell and A. Bright
  • enhanced security on trains, D.A. Kynman. Part 5 Fire and ventilation: halon replacement fire systems for locomotives, M.J. Prosser
  • the role of tunnel ventilation systems in emergency fire scenarios with reference to the Jubilee Line Extension, and results of testing to satisfy statutory authorities, R. Williams. Part 6 Leaves on the line: sand on the line - a recent history, J. Tunley
  • what can we do about autumn?, P.L. Dunkerley et al.

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