Railtex International Railway Engineering Conference : railway rolling stock


Railtex International Railway Engineering Conference : railway rolling stock

organized by the Railway Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineeris (IMechE) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

(IMechE conference transactions, 2001-4)

Professional Engineering Publishing for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2001


Railway rolling stock

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"Papers publiched here are some of those taken from the Railway Technology Conference, held at Railtex 2000, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, 21-23 November 2000."--on A.T. p



In today's maturing railway industry, the key to getting - and staying - ahead is to keep up with the latest developments across all sectors involved in railway technology. There is pressure upon the rail industry to deliver more customer benefits, with greater cost-effectiveness, faster - whether that customer has freight interests or is a passenger. The demands being made on the rail networks is steadily increasing and manufacturers are being pushed to produce higher speed, higher load, rolling stock while considering stringent safety conditions.


  • Part 1 The passenger environment: trains are for people, R.E. West
  • new trains, new directions, N.W. Bates
  • review of the future development of air-conditioning systems within the UK railway environment, N. Bolton
  • air-cycle air-conditioning of passenger saloons, R. Andra and F. Sauter
  • mobile air-conditioning for modern railway cars, I.B. Vaisman
  • on train CCTV - the developing requirements, A. McDonald
  • quieter trains - measuring the acoustic performance of an inter-vehicle gangway, G.J. Haines and P.W. Eade
  • at seat entertainment system - pleasing the passenger and the operator, S.J. Ollier and D.A. Newton. Part 2 Rolling stock reliability and maintenance: optimizing maintenance, M. Etwell
  • performance improvements through maintenance initiatives, A. Barr and N.B. Schulkins
  • total cleanliness control [TM] approach to condition monitoring of railway fluid systems, M. Day and M. Scappaticci
  • maintenance free - total reliability - why not?, A.P. Lezala and I. Flynn
  • the MK48 motor alternator development, M. Underwood
  • train maintenance - the future is arriving - the AEA technology vision of maintenance for the 21st century, J.M. Rands et al
  • maintenance plans for new vehicles, R. Elliott
  • new innovation, C. Thomas
  • class 170 operational reliability, A.C. Bell
  • Adtranz DMUs delivering the future, C.A. Morbey
  • electronic document management (EDM) - an engineer's view, J. Lupton
  • availability - procurement involvement, A. Marsh
  • in-house or out-source, P.J. Cameron
  • implementing turnkey contracts, R. East
  • delivering trains for service, A.G. Wrighton. Part 3 Technology and developments in rolling stock: getting new trains into the running railway, A.J. Francis
  • re-inventing Motorail, N. Swift
  • more seats in suburban trains, C.P. Boocock
  • critical issues for high-speed passenger rolling stock for non-electrified routes, B.T. Scales
  • diesel engines for rail traction locomotives -meeting the challenges of lower emission limits, J. Harrison
  • fluid power control systems in rail development, P. Larcey and R.J. Skinner
  • assessment of the performance of tilt system controllers, R.M. Goodall et al
  • taking the stress out of FEA -the use of finite element analysis for railway applications, M.J. Hampshire. Part 4 Wheels and brakes: retro fitting a modern WSP to Midland Mainline HST coaches, M. Coney and N. Yule
  • advanced modular EP brake control, J.E. Paddison and W.P. Straube
  • composition brake blocks - a "cast iron" alternative, S. Morris
  • getting more life from your railway wheels, P.J. Waite
  • wheelsets for West Coast main line tilting trains, J.R. Snell and F. Trombini
  • a new wheel material for the new century, P.D. Cassidy.

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