Monitoring and assessment of structures


    • Armer, G. S. T.


Monitoring and assessment of structures

[edited by] G.S.T. Armer

Spon Press, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book details the latest methods available for the in-service assessment of buildings and other structures. Written by a team of international experts, it provides detailed information and practical advice on key issues such as safety assessment and performance monitoring and evaluation. All the leading methodologies are covered, including photogrammetry, laser-based survey methods, and dynamic monitoring. Visual inspection, the most common assessment technique, is also covered. New techniques and methodologies to minimise repair and maintenance costs, and extend a structure's service life, are described in detail. With numerous case studies, practical examples, and reference to the key international standards, Monitoring and Assessment of Structures is a vital handbook for surveyors, civil and structural engineers, and all those involved in property management.


Preface. Chapter One. Introduction and Rationale. Chapter Two. Dynamic Monitoring. Chapter Three. Photogrammetry - New Technology. Chapter Four. Photogrammetry - Practice and Applications. Chapter Five. Surveying- Techniques. Chapter Six. Practical Bridge Examples. Chapter Seven. Practical Building Examples. Index.

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