International Conference on Mail Technology : evolution to e-revolution


International Conference on Mail Technology : evolution to e-revolution

organized by the Manufacturing Industries Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in association with Royal Mail and La Poste

(IMechE conference transactions, 2001-6)

Professional Engineering Publishing for The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Mail Technology Evolution to e-Revolution explores how rapid technological advances and liberalization of the postal world is transforming individuals and business customers' options and expectations.


  • Part 1 End-to-end logistics solutions: the use of technology roadmapping as a tool to manage technology developments and maximize the value of research activity, R. Brown and R. Phaal
  • centrally managed support services for distributed network systems, S. Kupski
  • the development of a tool for optimizing the multi-task scheduling problem of a mail centre's local distribution operation, N. Jakobi et al
  • how modern technology can be effectively used to enhance the efficiency of commercial vehicle fleet management, S.F. Wells
  • coupling geographical route planning systems with sequencing machine, B. Volta and M. Dupont
  • the past, present and future of alternatively fuelled road vehicles in The Post Office, K. Reed
  • ParcelCall - continuous hierarchical track and trace, T. Caesar and H. Walischewski
  • real-time, remote-read container tracking in a hostile environment, J. Cooper Moran et al. Part 2 "e": packaging bits, delivering atoms -meeting the e-commerce challenge, J.F. Marks
  • building delivery capabilities for the e-economy, D. Allum and B. Harris
  • e-fulfilment, D.J. Miller
  • e-forwarding - get what you want where you want it, D. Blasche
  • aesthetic hybrid mail - new application vistas, H. Westerholt
  • hybrid mail - from a print service to e-messaging, P. McMillan
  • the strategic pipeline analysis SPan project, J. Ballantyne et al
  • last mile e-delivery as the bridge to the future, K. Reich and W. Rosenbaum. Part 3 Mail creation and accessing services: design for accessibility - the personal information point, J. Coy et al
  • assessing the security of postal franking machines for the Post Office, P.J.A. Catherwood
  • IPMAR, the common criteria, and the future evaluation of postage metering machines, D.P. Coward. Part 4 Service delivery: eye of the future - innovations in pattern recognition for postal automation, J.F. Contrata et al
  • improving accessibility in the workplace - manual data entry in video coding, J. Coy et al
  • performance optimization of address reading systems using evolutionary algorithms, M. Schussler
  • the address interpretation project - realizing the vision, K.D. Willy and G. Young
  • multi-lingual address readers -expanding reading skills to non-Latin alphabets, U. Miletzki
  • address block location on "flats" mail, J. Coy et al
  • a post central task handler - a powerful but pragmatic mail network solution, D. Keane and M. Macaulay
  • interactive video coding - the key to financial success, H.J. Grundmann and W. Rosenbaum
  • improving the decoding of corrupted four state barcodes, R. Swann and J. Coy
  • designing the future of mail processing, C. Eldridge and S. Dalton
  • virtual selections, G.C. Hopkins and K.M. Jones
  • predictive maintenance of a parcel sorting machine, D. Thieriot
  • the worldwide advanced network distribution (WAND) project, S. Tansey et al
  • sequencing and merging - the Romec concept, G.C. Lennard and D. Britton
  • IMP operating mode systems, P.W. Morris
  • advanced customer bar codes, F. Gillet and C. Caillon
  • postal processing design

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