Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology


    • Martini, Frederick H.


Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology

Frederick H. Martini

(Laboratory Manual / Roberta M. Meehan)

Prentice Hall, 1998

4th ed


Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology

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Lab courses in the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology. This laboratory textbook is written to accompany Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, Fourth Edition, by Frederic Martini. It includes 70 exercises exploring the concepts integral to an understanding of anatomy and physiology. Ideal for laboratory settings that emphasize hands-on learning, this manual is organized to provide maximum flexibility. Exercises are short enough to be mixed and matched, and both cat and fetal pig dissection are included.


I. ANATOMICAL BACKGROUND. 1. Introduction to the Laboratory. 2. Metric Analysis. 3. Microscopy. 4. Anatomical Orientation and Terminology. 5. Nucleic Acids. 6. Protein Synthesis. II. BASIC ORGANIZATIONAL COMPONENTS. 7. Gross Anatomical Structure. 8. Cell Anatomy. 9. Membrane Transport. 10. Cell Cycle: Mitosis and Cytokinesis. 11. Histology. 12. Membranes. 13. Integument. III. SKELETAL SYSTEM. 14. The Skeleton: An Overview. 15. Skeletal Terminology. 16. Axial Skeleton. 17. Appendicular Skeleton. 18. Articulations. 19. Fetal Skeleton. IV. MUSCLE SYSTEM. 20. Muscle Tissue: An Overview. 21. Human Musculature. 22. Muscle Physiology. 23. Exercise and Stress Physiology. 24a. Introduction to the Cat. 24b. Introduction to the Fetal Pig. 25a. Dissection of the Muscles: Cat. 25b. Dissection of the Muscles: Fetal Pig. V. NERVOUS SYSTEM. 26. Neural Tissue: An Overview. 27. Anatomy of the Spinal Cord. 28. Spinal Nerves. 29. Reflex Physiology. 30. Anatomy of the Human Brain. 31. Electroencephalography. 32. Sheep Brain Dissection. 33. Cranial Nerves. 34. Autonomic Nervous System. VI. SENSORY SYSTEM. 35. Anatomy of the Eye. 36. Aspects of Vision. 37. Anatomy of the Ear. 38. Physiological Aspects of Hearing. 39. Physiological Aspects of Equilibrium. 40. Anatomy and Physiology of Taste. 41. Anatomy and Physiology of Smell. 42. Anatomy and Physiology of Touch. VII. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM. 43. Endocrine System: An Overview. 44a. Dissection of the Endocrine System: Cat. 44b. Dissection of the Endocrine System: Fetal Pig. VIII. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM. 45. Anatomy of the Blood. 46. Blood Testing Procedures. 47. Anatomy of the Human Heart. 48. Dissection of the Sheep Heart. 49. Human Vascular System. 50. Cardiovascular Physiology. 51. Electrocardiography. 52a. Dissection of the Cardiovascular System: Cat. 52b. Dissection of the Cardiovascular System: Fetal Pig. 53. Fetal Circulation. IX. RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. 54. Anatomy of the Respiratory System. 55. Respiratory Physiology. 56a. Dissection of the Respiratory System: Cat. 56b. Dissection of the Respiratory System: Fetal Pig. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. 57. Anatomy of the Digestive System. 58. Digestive Physiology. 59. Enzymatic Action in Digestion. 60a. Dissection of the Digestive System: Cat. 60b. Dissection of the Digestive System: Fetal Pig. XI. URINARY SYSTEM. 61. Anatomy of the Urinary System. 62. Dissection of the Mammalian Kidney. 63. Urinalysis. 64a. Dissection of the Urinary System: Cat. 64b. Dissection of the Urinary System: Fetal Pig. XII. REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. 65. Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System. 66. Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System. 67. Reproductive Physiology. 68a. Dissection of the Reproductive System: Cat. 68b. Dissection of the Reproductive System: Fetal Pig. XIII. CONTINUATION OF THE SPECIES. 69. Fertilization and Early Development. 70. Heredity: Principles of Inheritance.

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