Evaluating international humanitarian action : reflections from practitioners


Evaluating international humanitarian action : reflections from practitioners

edited by Adrian Wood, Raymond Apthorpe and John Borton

Zed Books, 2001

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"in association with ALNAP (London)"

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Humanitarian interventions have become a much more frequent form of assistance as a result of increases in violent conflicts within countries, a greater external willingness to intervene in such conflicts, and the increased incidence of natural disasters. The need to evaluate the effectiveness of such interventions has increased in consequence. In this volume, the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP) has compiled for the first time an examination of the experiences of those practically engaged in humanitarian programme evaluation, and the lessons learned about the evaluation process. The case studies included in this volume are drawn from four continents, including Central Asia and the Balkans. They embrace the different kinds of humanitarian emergency that have afflicted so many people during the past decade. The volume addresses the context in which evaluations of humanitarian action take place; the actual process of doing evaluations; and the lessons for improving how such evaluations might be better undertaken in future. This pioneering volume is likely to be of great practical value to agencies and individuals engaged in both the delivery humanitarian assistance in complex emergencies and its evaluation.


1. Introduction - The Editors2. Somalia: Towards Evaluating Netherlands Humanitarian Assistance - Phil O'Keefe, Ted Kliest, John Kirkby and Wiert Flikkema3. Exploring the Swedish Emergency Relief Experience in the Horn of Africa - Adrian Wood4. Evaluating Sida's Complex Emergency Assistance in Cambodia: Conflicting Perceptions - Claes Lindahl5. Studying the Joint Evaluation of Emergency Assistance to Rwanda: The Team Leader's Perspective - John Borton6. Mission Possible: Six Years of Emergency Food Aid in West Africa - Raymond Apthorpe7. Review of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' Tajikistan Programme - Peter Wiles8. A Self Evaluation of Experience Reviewing Australia's Official Response to the 1997-'98 Papua New Guinea Drought - David A M. Lea9. An Experimental and Inclusive Approach to Evaluation as a Lesson-Learning Tool: The URD Group Work on the Post-Hurricane Mitch Emergency - Francois Grunewald, Claire Pirotte and Veronique de Geoffroy10. UNICEF/DFID Joint Evaluation of UNICEF's Kosovo Emergency Preparedness and Response - John Telford11. Conclusions - The Editors

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