Principles of service marketing and management


Principles of service marketing and management

Christopher Lovelock, Lauren Wright

Prentice Hall, c2002

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Principles of Service Marketing and Management, Second Edition, is designed to complement the materials found in traditional marketing principles texts. It avoids sweeping and often misleading generalizations about services, recognizing explicitly that the differences between specific categories of services (based on the nature of the underlying service process) may be as important to student understanding as the broader differences between goods marketing and services marketing.


I. UNDERSTANDING SERVICES. 1. Why Study Services? 2. Understanding Service Processes. II. THE SERVICE CUSTOMER. 3. Managing Service Encounters. 4. Customer Behavior in Service Environments. 5. Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty. 6. Complaint Handling and Service Recovery. III. SERVICE MARKETING STRATEGY. 7. The Service Product. 8. Pricing Strategies for Services. 9. Promotion, Education, and Physical Evidence. 10. Service Positioning and Design. IV. SERVICE DELIVERY ISSUES. 11. Creating Delivery Systems in Place, Cyberspace, and Time. 12. Creating Value through Productivity and Quality. 13. Balancing Demand and Capacity. 14. Managing Customer Waiting Lines and Reservations. V. INTEGRATING MARKETING, OPERATIONS, AND HUMAN RESOURCES. 15. Employee Roles in Service Organizations. 16. The Impact of Technology on Services. 17. Organizing for Service Leadership. Cases. Glossary. Index.

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