The nature of unidentified galactic high-energy gamma-ray sources : proceedings of the workshop held at Tonantzintla, Puebla, México, 9-11 October 2000



The nature of unidentified galactic high-energy gamma-ray sources : proceedings of the workshop held at Tonantzintla, Puebla, México, 9-11 October 2000

edited by Alberto Carramiñana, Olaf Reimer and David J. Thompson

(Astrophysics and space science library, v. 267)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2001

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The Energetic Gamma-Ray Experiment Telescope (EGRET) instru- ment on the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory left as a legacy its Third Catalog of High Energy Gamma-Ray Sources, whose detections include a large number of blazars, some pulsars, the Large Magellanic Cloud and a solar flare. Most of the newly discovered objects - a majority of the catalog -are unidentified sources, with a clearly predominant Galactic population. Are all these radio-quiet pulsars, like Geminga, or is there a novel type of celestial object, awaiting identification? In spite of the limited angular resolution provided by EGRET and COMPTEL, there is still much to learn about unidentified ,-ray sources: correlation studies, multiwavelength observations and theoretical work can provide valuable clues, specially if these efforts are carried out in a coordinated manner. The aim of this workshop, held from October 9 to 11, 2000, at the Instituto N acional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica, at Tonantzintla, Mexico, was to gather experts on the subject, including observational as- tronomers specialized in other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, in an effort to address the question of the Nature of Galactic high-energy gamma-ray sources, both from the theoretical and observational perspec- tive, and elaborate schemes for future identification studies which can make use of existing and forthcoming facilities.


  • Preface. Participants to the Workshop. Part I: Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources. 1. Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: an Introduction
  • D.J. Thompson. 2. Gamma-Ray Properties of Unidentified EGRET Sources
  • O. Reimer. 3. Multiwavelength Searches and Spectral Aspects of 3EG Sources
  • R. Mukherjee, J. Halpern. Part II: Correlations. 4. Gamma-Ray Sources off the Galactic Plane
  • I.A. Grenier. 5. Low-Latitude Gamma-Ray Sources
  • G.E. Romero. 6. Population Studies of Unidentified gamma-Ray Sources
  • N. Gehrels, et al. 7. Population Studies of the EGRET Sources
  • S. Mereghetti, et al.Gap' Perspective
  • R.W. Romani. 12. Polar Cap Pulsar Models
  • M.G. Baring. Part IV: Supernova Remnants and Massive Stars. 13. Massive Stars and Gamma-Ray Sources
  • P. Kaaret. 14. Diffuse Sources of High-Energy Gamma Rays in the Milky Way
  • S.W. Digel. 15. Shock Acceleration and Photon Production in Supernova Remnants
  • D.C. Ellison. 16. X-Ray Studies of Supernova Remnants
  • P. Slane. Part V: Galactic Microquasars, Binaries and Black Holes. 17. Micrcoquasars in the Galaxy
  • L.F. Rodriquez, I.F. Mirabel. 18. VLT Observations of Galactic Microquasars
  • J. Marti, et al. 19. The Case of LS 5039
  • J.M. Paredes, et al. 20. Non-Pulsating Black Holes as High Energy Gamma-Ray Sources
  • B. Punsly. Part VI: Identification and Perspectives. 21. TeV Observations of Supernova Remnants and Unidentified Sources
  • S. Fegan.22. A First EGRET-UNID-Related Agenda for Cherenkov Telescopes
  • D. Petry. 23. -Ray Astronomy in the Era of GLAST
  • N. Gehrels. 24. The AGILE Gamma-Ray Astronomy Satellite
  • S. Mereghetti, et al. 25. Multiwavelength Round-Table Presentations
  • D. Petry, et al. Part VII: Summary. 26. Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources: Summary and Conclusion
  • D.J. Thompson. Topic Index. Author Index.

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