Forensic entomology : the utility of arthropods in legal investigations


    • Byrd, Jason H.
    • Castner, James L.


Forensic entomology : the utility of arthropods in legal investigations

edited by Jason H. Byrd, James L. Castner

CRC Press, 2001

  • alk. paper

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Insects and other arthropods found at a death scene can provide corroborating evidence regarding both the time and place of death as well as possible antimortem and postmortem treatment of the victim. Nevertheless, most forensic investigators are not specially trained in entomology, and until now, no entomology reference has fully explored these subjects. Forensic Entomology: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations usurps this void, instructing even individuals without a background in entomology on what to search for when recovering entomological evidence at a crime scene.


General Entomology and Arthropod Biology. Insects of Forensic Importance. Collection of Entomological Evidence during Death Investigations. Laboratory Rearing of Forensic Insects. Insect Succession on Carrion and Its Relationship to Determining Time of Death. The Role of Aquatic Insects in Forensic Investigations. Recovering Buried Bodies and Surface Scatter: The Associated Anthropological, Botanical, and Entomological Evidence. Estimating the Postmortem Interval. Insect Development and Forensic Entomology. Computer Modeling of insect Growth and Its Application to Forensic Entomology. Entomotoxicology: Insects as Toxicological Indicators and the Impact of Drugs and Toxins on Insect Development. DNA Techniques for Forensic Entomology. Entomological Alteration of Bloodstain Evidence. The Forensic Entomologist as Expert Witness.

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