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Ancient + modern

Cynthia Inions ; photography by Simon Upton

Jacqui Small, 2001

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Ancient plus modern

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Many people view ancient and modern as worlds apart and opt for one or the other when it comes to choosing an interior style. This book shows how putting the two together can create bold, dramatic effects and lead to an enriching and individual environment for the 21st century. From a modern American apartment with antique furniture to a conversion of an ancient cow-shed with salvage fixtures and fittings painted a uniform white, the book gives many examples of mixing the old with the new. It offers practical solutions for low-budget interiors and shows how to create a harmonious collection of old and new objects over time. Ancient and modern elements can be mixed throughout the home, and the book covers every type and size of living space, including both conventional rooms and contemporary open-plan areas such as lofts. Many possible combinations of old and new are explored, using old and new furniture, fixtures and fittings and key details like textiles, lighting, utensils, art and objects. The central theme underpinning the book is the continuity between ancient and modern - the fact that common forms and a shared aesthetic connect elements from different times and cultures. Both text and photographs show how many ancient objects are startlingly modern in concept and design, and how many modern forms are continuations of ancient motifs.

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