Management basics for information professionals


Management basics for information professionals

G. Edward Evans, Patricia Layzell Ward, Bendik Rugaas

Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2000

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Successor to and a revision of: Management techniques for librarians / G. Edward Evans. 2nd ed. 1983

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The focus of this work is exclusively on libraries and other information environments and aims to provide conceptual overviews and library/information examples to illustrate the basic skills good library managers must exercise, such as: how to plan; how to delegate; how to make decisions; how to communicate; and how to lead. Equal emphasis is placed on managing a library's resources - its people, its money, its technology, and its building, including timely issues such as women in management and diversity as well as practical charts and forms. A companion Web page features reading on topics such as women in library management, cultural diversity, management goals, and career development, as well as annual reviews of library management literature.

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