Encyclopedia of Russian women's movements


Encyclopedia of Russian women's movements

edited by Norma Corigliano Noonan and Carol Nechemias

Greenwood Press, 2001

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Bibliography: p. [379]-383

Includes index



A comprehensive resource profiling individuals and organizations associated with Russian women's movements from the early 19th century to the post-Soviet era. Contributions by approximately fifty authors from the United States, Russia, Europe, and Canada focus upon the struggle of women to change their society and advance their gender interests. Women activists pursued improvement in educational opportunities, fought for suffrage, established journals, and sought to transform women's consciousness and establish women's studies programs and women's crises centers. They were a strong voice against the tsarist regime and the oppression of communism. Their objectives were as diverse as their strategies, which ranged from incremental reform, to terrorism, to the establishment of women's electoral organizations. This volume contains a comprehensive glossary of term and phrases and a chronology to help put events and developments into historical context. Entries are fully cross-referenced and are followed by suggested readings. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Russian history and politics, women's history and gender studies.


Chronology of Russian Women's Movement in Historical Context Introduction: Russian Women's Movements in the 19th and 20th Centuries Women's Movements for the 19th Century to the Revolutions of 1917 Women's Movements in the Soviet Era, 1917-1991 Women's Movements in the Transitional and Post-Soviet Eras, 1985- Glossary Selected Bibliography Index

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