Cross-cultural management : a knowledge management perspective


Cross-cultural management : a knowledge management perspective

Nigel Holden

Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2002

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Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in international business, international management and cross-cultural management, and all concerned with the transfer of knowledge in the global economy. It will also be a valuable source of concepts and ideas to cross-cultural trainers and to various categories of practitioners within knowledge management and international human resource management. This book forges a break with the concept of culture that has dominated management thinking, education, and research for several decades. Culture, rather than being presented as a source of difference and antagonism, is presented as a form of organisational knowledge that can be converted into a resource for underpinning core competence. This perspective based on extensive research into the operations of four major international corporations, challenges traditional thinking by contending that cross-cultural management is a form of knowledge management. Key to this text are the four global case companies contrasting experiences, presented as insightful case studies about rarely observed aspects of firms cross-cultural communication behaviour.


PART 1: ANTHROPOLOGY S AWKWARD LEGACY TO THE MANAGER'S WORLD 1. Culture: the specious scapegoat 2. The anthropologist's legacy 3. Some consequences of culture's consequences 4. Navigating knowledge management 5. Towards culture as an object of knowledge management PART 2: CASE STUDIES: MAKING SENSE OF CULTURE FROM A KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE 6. Case study 1: Novo Nordisk: cross-cultural management as facilitation 7. Case study 2: Matsushita Electric: A learning history 8. Case study 3: LEGO: transferring identity knowledge 9. Case study 4: Sulzer Infra: creating one winning team PART III: REDESIGNING CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT AS A KNOWLEDGE DOMAIN 11. Language: management's lost continent 12. The cross-cultural management and the translation of common knowledge 13. Cross-cultural management: synergies for participative competence Glossary

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