China's integration in Asia : economic security and strategic issues


China's integration in Asia : economic security and strategic issues

edited by Robert Ash

Curzon, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references



A collection of authoritative papers on key issues for China's relations with other countries in the region in terms of trade, defence, regional development, energy security, and social, political and economic development.


Part I: Economic Security Issues Chapter One The Changing Asian Environment of China's Economic Development: The Perspective from Japan, with Particular Reference to Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Restructuring Chapter Two China and the World Trade Organisation Chapter Three Population Growth in China and its Economic Implications Chapter Four Asia's Food and the World Chapter Five Food Consumption and Food Production in China: Statistical Uncertainties, Educated Guesses, and Reasoned Optimism Chapter Six China and Asia: Growing Energy and Geopolitical Security Concerns Part II: Social Security and Legal Issues Chapter Seven Social Security: Rights and Contracts in a Chinese Village Chapter Eight Establishing a Legal Foundation in China Part III: Geo-political Strategic Issues Chapter Nine Asian Regional Conflicts Chapter Ten China and Regional Cooperation and Security Building Measures (CSBMs) Chapter Eleven Chinese and Asian Concepts of Conflict Resolution Chapter Twelve China: Defence Industry Trends

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