Navigating the tides of change : stories from science, the sacred, and a wise planet


    • La Chapelle, David


Navigating the tides of change : stories from science, the sacred, and a wise planet

David La Chapelle

New Society Publishers, c2001

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"Foreword by Joan Borysenko"--Cover

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Inspired by the dramatic impact humans are having upon the Earth, and the widespread despair people feel because of this. It addresses the challenge of navigating the accelerating pace of change effectively so that we can live more sustainably on the Earth through the medium of stories told from modern science, esoteric and spiritual traditions, and from Earth wisdom. By integrating these often-strange bedfellows, this book presents a compelling case that humankind can create a future more in harmony with the Earth. Believing that that the solutions to external problems are often to be found in our own inner lives, the author explores the relationship between ecology, visionary experience, inspiration, creative and scientific inquiries, and the gifts of indigenous peoples. This book puts forward two propositions: first, that our problems can be solved by synthesising the best wisdom from a variety of disparate traditions; and, second, that individuals have the power to tap into realms of insight and understanding that can help re-pattern our world in a more harmonious way. Interludes highlight the contributions of great thinkers and doers from history to the overall 'navigation' process; "Navigator's Toolbox" sections recapitulate key lessons from the book's stories; and detailed resource lists include a wide range of books and web sites. A book of stories that tell a larger story,the book will appeal to a broad audience of educators, environmentalists, and all concerned to integrate the spiritual with the scientific.

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