Understanding community-based forest ecosystem management



Understanding community-based forest ecosystem management

Gerald J. Gray, Maia J. Enzer, Jonathan Kusel, editors

Food Products Press, 2001

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"Co-published simultaneously as Journal of sustainable forestry, volume 12, numbers 3/4 and volume 13, numbers 1/2."

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Develop ecosystem management policies and processes that benefit your community and its environment! Understanding Community-Based Forest Ecosystem Management examines the emergence of community-based ecosystem management (CBEM) in the United States. This comprehensive book blends diverse perspectives, enabling you to draw on the experience and expertise of forest-based practitioners, researchers, and leaders in community-based efforts in the ecosystem management situations that you deal with in your community. Understanding Community-Based Forest Ecosystem Management delves into the major topics that will help build common understanding of CBEM, including: * linking stewardship to the unique role that local communities and workers can play in its implementation * developing social and institutional processes that are more open, democratic, and civil * empowering communities to strengthen their participation in natural resource management * addressing power imbalances * improving understanding of worker issues and promoting an ecosystem workforce * advancing laws and policies that promote the collaboration and coordination that are needed for long-term stewardship ...and more! Healthy ecosystems and community well-being go hand in hand. The interdependence between the two is the focal point of community-based ecosystem management. Take advantage of this state-of-the-art reference and information source for scientists, community groups and their leaders, resource managers, and ecosystem management practitioners. The information you'll find in Understanding Community-Based Forest Ecosystem Management will be invaluable in your effort to manage and maintain the ecosystems in your community.


Contents * Preface * Acknowledgments * PART ONE: EDITORIAL SYNTHESIS * Understanding Community-Based Forest Ecosystem Management: An Editorial Synthesis * PART TWO: INTRODUCTION AND WORK GROUP PAPERS * An Introduction to Community-Based Ecosystem Management * Global Linkages to Community-Based Ecosystem Management in the United Sates * Governance and Institutions: Opportunities and Challenges * Process: Redefining Relationships * The Practice of Stewardship: Caring for and Healing Ecosystems and Communities * Community-Based Ecosystem Monitoring * Investing in Ecosystems and Communities * PART THREE: INDIVIDUAL PAPERS * Inclusive Community Forest Management: Lessons from Mali, West Africa * The Evolution of Watershed Councils and the Oregon Plan: Tempering the Populist Tradition * The Great Lakes Forest Alliance: Building Bridges to Raise Collective Wisdom Across Governments and Institutions * Public Involvement in Forest Management Planning: A View from the Northeast * Natural Resource Policy and the Paradox of Public Involvement: Bringing Scientists and Citizens Together * A Civic Conversation About Public Lands: Developing Community Governance * Integrating Forest Labor Participation into Community-Based Ecosystem Management Processes * Testing Stewardship Concepts on Federal Land * Surviving the Translation: Issues for Maturing Community Forestry Groups * Participatory Research for Adaptive Ecosystem Management: A Case for Nontimber Forest Products * Assessing Well-Being in Forest-Dependent Communities * Exploring Reinvestment from a Community-Based Watershed Perspective * Index * Reference Notes Included

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