Stretched verb constructions in English


Stretched verb constructions in English

D.J. Allerton

(Routledge studies in Germanic linguistics, 7)

Routledge, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [283]-292) and index



Constructions such as 'make an accusation against', or 'give one's approval for' can be seen as 'stretched' versions of simple verbs, such as 'accuse' or 'approve of'. What is the precise linguistic nature of stretched verbs, and how many basic types are there? What kinds of grammatical connections are involved, and what lexical limits are there on these constructions? What is their precise semantic value? These are some of the questions that this book sets out to answer in its investigation of stretched verb constructions.


Part 1: Defining the Field 1. Towards a Definition of 'Kindred Relations' 2. Stretched Elaborated Verb Structures 3. Using Data Part II: Syntactic Restructuring 1. Syntactic Framework 2. Types of Restructuring Part III: The Event Phrase 1. Eventive/Agentive Noun Phrases: Their Core 2. Eventive/Agentive Noun Phrases: Modifiers and Qualifiers 3. Agentive Adjective Phrases Part IV: The Thin Verb 1. The Individual Thin Verbs, Their Meanings and Collocations 2. The Grammatical Meanings of Thin Verbs Part V: The Lexical Status of Stretched Verb Constructions 1. The Semantics Of Stretched Verb Constructions 2. Stretched Verb Constructions and The Lexicon

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