Essential quantitative methods for business, management and finance


Essential quantitative methods for business, management and finance

Les Oakshott

Palgrave, 2001

2nd ed

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First published in 1998 by Macmillan

Includes index



Designed to provide the essential elements of an introductory quantitative methods module, this text has proved a popular choice with students. Written in a concise and student friendly style, it contains frequent activities and questions for students to practise the techniques taught. New to the second edition of this text is the extensive use of Excel, and a companion website.


Revision Mathematics - Sampling Methods - Presentation of Data - Summarising Data - Index Numbers - Investment Appraisal - Introduction to Probability - Probability Distributions - Decision-making under Conditions of Uncertainty - Analysis and Interpretation of Sample Data - Testing a Hypothesis - Correlation and Regression - Time Series Analysis - Linear Programming - Critical Path Analysis - Inventory Control - Simulation - Appendix 1 Answers to Exercises in the text - Appendix 2 Statistical Tables - Appendix 3 Mathematical and Statistical Formulae - Index

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