Between field and cooking pot : the political economy of marketwomen in Peru


Between field and cooking pot : the political economy of marketwomen in Peru

by Florence E. Babb

(Texas Press sourcebooks in anthropology, no. 15)

University of Texas Press, 1998

Rev. ed

  • : pbk.

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Bibliography: p. [219]-237

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From reviews of the first edition: "Between Field and Cooking Pot offers details of the daily lives of marketwomen in the central Andean departmental capital of Huaraz.... A welcome addition to studies of women and international development, this book contains a wealth of firsthand material, collected through informal participant-observation as well as formal interviews and analysis of statistical data.... The book encourages us to imagine how the dynamic culture of marketwomen might intersect with the construction, representation, and effects of class and gender." -American Anthropologist "The book has a clear and readable style, moving easily between vignettes of marketwomen's lives, descriptions of the markets themselves, and surveys of the theoretical literature. Babb's long, close involvement with the Huaraz markets is apparent. As someone who has spent a lot of time in Andean markets, I found the book pleasurable to read, because it recreated the experience of the marketplace so well." -American Ethnologist This revised edition of Between Field and Cooking Pot offers an updated appraisal of what neoliberal politics and economics mean in the lives of marketwomen in the nineties, based on new fieldwork conducted in 1997. Babb also reflects on how recent currents in feminist and anthropological studies have caused her to rethink some aspects of Andean marketers in Peruvian culture and society.


Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. The Peruvian Political Economy 3. Marketwomen and Theory 4. The Marketplace 5. The Work of Marketwomen 6. Marketwomen, Family, and Society 7. Social Relations and Politics of Marketwomen 8. Economic Crisis and the Campaign against Marketers 9. Conceptualizing Marketwomen Appendix Notes Glossary of Spanish and Quechua Terms Bibliography Index

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