• Zanchetti, Albert
    • Hansson, Lennart
    • Rodicio, Josè L.
    • Julius, Stevo



editor-in-chief, Albert Zanchetti ; editors, Lennart Hansson, Josè Rodicio ; consulting editor, Stevo Julius

(Clinical medicine series)

McGraw-Hill International, c2001

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The combined expertise of leaders form the European and US medical community is showcased in this new reference. The emphasis is on the most practical strategies for the clinical management of the patient with hypertension. The latest therapeutic agents are examined as well alternative therapies. Underlying basic science is presented only as a background to enhance the understanding of treatment strategies. Other important highlights include a review of differential diagnosis, preventive care, epidemiological data, pathophysiology, follow up care and more. The "Clinical Medicine Series" is designed for the busy practitioner who seeks highly focused answers to questions met in practice. This new text is true to this goal.


SECTION 1 Definition and diagnosis of hypertension Chapter 1. Blood pressure and atherosclerotic risk factors Chapter 2. Definition and classification of hypertension: the WHO criteria Chapter 3. How to measure blood pressure SECTION 2 Investigations in the patient with hypertension Chapter 4. Detection of organ damage: the heart Chapter 5. Detection of large artery damage in hypertension Chapter 6. Detection of damage to the brain Chapter 7. Detection of retinal changes in the eyes Chapter 8. Detection of organ damage: kidneys Chapter 9. Diagnostic strategies in renovascular hypertension Chapter 10. Diagnostic investigations in primary aldosteronism Chapter 11. Investigations in secondary hypertension: pheochromocytoma Chapter 12. Investigations in secondary hypertension: renal disease SECTION 3 Management of the patient with hypertension Chapter 13. Cost and cost-effectiveness of hypertension management: impact on care Chapter 14. Life-style changes: how to induce and how to maintain them Chapter 15. Principles of drug therapy: antihypertensive agents Chapter 16. Mono-therapy vs combined treatment in hypertension. New clinical trials data Chapter 17. Management of hypertension in elderly patients Chapter 18. Management of hypertension in the black population Chapter 19. Management of hypertension in the diabetic patient Chapter 20. Management of the hypertensive patient with coronary heart disease Chapter 21. Hypertension in pregnancy Chapter 22. Hypertension and menopause Chapter 23. Quality of life in hypertension Chapter 24. How to manage hypertension in clinical practice, and what can be expected from a hypertension clinic

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