Law for business


    • Ashcroft, John D.
    • Ashcroft, Janet E.


Law for business

John D. Ashcroft, Janet E. Ashcroft

West Educational Pub. Co., c1999

13th ed

  • alk. paper

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Includes index



This is a non-technical introduction to business law topics, using real court cases summarized by the authors. New and expanded topics to this edition include sexual harassment, computer law, and employment law topics such as ADA and the FMLA. Brief ethics questions are integrated throughout the text, and real world examples are designed to make the text more user-friendly.


  • Part 1 The legal system and the legal environment of business: introduction to law
  • court and court procedure
  • business torts and crimes
  • government regulation of business. Part 2 Contracts: nature and classes of contracts
  • offer and acceptance
  • capacity to contract
  • consideration
  • defective agreements
  • illegal agreements
  • written contracts
  • third parties and contracts
  • termination of contracts. Part 3 Personal property: nature of personal property
  • special bailments. Part 4 Sales: sales of personal property
  • formalities of a sale
  • transfer of title and risk in sales contracts
  • warranties, product liability, and consumer protection. Part 5 Commercial paper and negotiable instruments: nature of negotiable instruments
  • essentials of negotiability
  • promissory notes and drafts
  • negotiation and discharge
  • liabilities of parties and holders in due course
  • defenses. Part 6 Agency and employment: nature and creation of an agency
  • operation and termination of an agency
  • employer and employee relationships
  • employee rights
  • labour legislation. Part 7 Business organization: introduction to business organization
  • creation and operation of a partnership
  • dissolution of a partnership
  • nature of a corporation
  • management and dissolution of a corporation. Part 8 Insurance and other risk-bearing devices: principles of insurance
  • types of insurance
  • security devices
  • bankruptcy. Part 9 Real property: nature of real property
  • transfer of real property
  • real estate mortgages
  • landlord and tenant relationships
  • wills and inheritances.

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